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HEATHER DAVIES photography

I fell in love with photography, from the very first time standing in a small make shift darkroom in the family laundry. In the dim light sliding a negative into the enlarger, exposing the paper and watching my very first image emerge in the developer, flowers slowly appearing. This excitement repeated many many times.


I followed my dream and spent the following years studying at Photography Studies College in South Melbourne. Soaking up everything I could about photography with wonderful photographers such as John Riches, Phillip Ashton, Athol Smith and John Cato it was a wonderful inspiring place to be.


I have worked in varied areas of photography and with many wonderful people, from publicity in tv, commercial laboratories, digital retouching, and many years sharing my passion for photography with primary and secondary students, from making photograms,

experiencing the excitement of making that first print to challenges of the digital darkroom and mentoring students working on their final

year 12 folios.


Photography is always unexpected, capturing moments in time and the detail of our environment, which is constantly in a state of change, beautiful and different every day. My love of photography has taken me and my camera on travels to many wonderful places and given me treasured opportunities.


- Heather Davies

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